Strawberry Sea Moss Gummies (60)


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What are Sea Moss Gummies Gummies?

Strawberry Sea Moss Gummies  are the most simpleconvenient & effective way to nourish your cells daily with all 92 minerals & nutrients nature created your body with & is needed for optimal health, on a cellular level!

Our Rawkin Ingredients:

Sea Moss, Agar, Agave, Strawberries

has all 92 minerals & nutrients your cells need!

Our Rawkin Complete Gummies are:



Please note our gummies are MADE TO ORDER for OPTIMAL freshness!

The texture is not the same of a gummy bear that you would purchase at a store. 


Directions: Consume 2  per day for children and adults over the age of 6. Consume 1  per day for children under the age of 6.We are proud to tell you that the shelf life of our gummies are 21 days shelf life.


Please be aware that all order are MADE TO ORDER and can take anywhere between 3-7 business days to be made before it is shipped to you. Thank you


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